Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time for Thank you's

We headed back down to Texas Children's Hospital to see the doctor one last time before Bagel was completely cleared. I have stated before how fun this hospital tries to be even though it is an outstanding hospital.
Children are put at ease, parents are respected and patients get FANTASTIC medical care. I hope the our family has little future need for THC but I am so thankful it is here.
Bagel is all good. She has healed wonderfully. We are so thankful for this wonderful facility that helped to save our daughter.
In truth "thank you"s go to each of you as well. Bagel could have been so much worse. We are convinced that answered prayers have given us our baby back. Thanks to each of you for all the prayers that you offered for Bagel's health and recovery. I can never put into words how wonderful it feels to have love and prayers pour in for a child. God has blessed us with a beautiful outcome. I can't even begin to understand why God is so generous to my family but I am most thankful. He answered your prayers and we thank you and we thank Him.
Please know that as we thank God for our healthy baby we also thank Him for each of you.

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  1. I am soooo glad to hear that Bagel has been given the all clear!

    What a scary time, but also a testament of your wonderful faith. It is during times of crisis that our children look to us to see how to react/respond/manage under pressure! I know that while you were frightened for sure, Mr. T and you were able to be a shining example to your children on how to remain calm and use the power of prayer to get you through this challenging time.

    I am always amazed at the strength and grace under pressure that some people exhibit during times of crisis. My girlfriend Trish is one of them. Her little boy has relapsed with the deadly childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, and yet through these past 2 years of "storms" she has remained steadfast in her faith and belief that God has never abandoned her family and especially, Gabe. And while she often prays that God will take this away from Gabe, she knows that whatever is God's will, will be. Her husband is a youth pastor and the two of them are such a strong couple in both marriage and faith.

    I know you, Mr. T and your beautiful kiddos are the same shining example in Texas!!!

    Blessings to you,


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