Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Candle Time - Finally

Guilt got to me. I know that the circumstances would excuse the lack of birthday cakes for Pooker and Possible. In and out of the hospital make a simple candle cake with pictures hard. Pooker was given several cakes by friends. We also sang to her at Catholic Coffee Club but poor Possible had only one cake. Each time the entire family was not there. This really bother me. Monday morning, I decided we needed to sing as a family before a new month came.

We went with some cookie cakes. This way each one got their own "cake" while it wasn't too over the top considering we were over 20 days late. So much fun getting this crowd to pose for pictures. They love me so they try.
Notice how Bagel was caught as she tried to sneak in an steal some of the glory. Not going to happen with Pooker around.
Happy 19Th b-day Pooker Baby and 11Th b-day Possible Girl. We love you two so much!

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  1. looks like you got two great photos with all of them in it! pretty good work.


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