Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Boy Night

The next night the boys and Princess went to visit. This was a much more active visit. The girls liked talking and the boys wanted to do. In the end it all worked out.

The little ones at frozen meals.

Bagel had requested a huge salad.

While eating we were invited to play Bingo.
I was so sad to see the much needed classrooms available at TCH. I know that some kiddos live there for a few months and try to keep busy with school work. I felt so blessed but couldn't help to think of Natalia and all the time that she spent at Texas Children's Hospital. I am so thankful for such healthy children.

So bingo in the classrooms was a blast. Each child ended up winning a prize and feeling pretty special. Soon after they wanted to explore and see what else was around. Bagel had plans to show us a huge fish so off we went.

In the library Jumba fond a book on Leonardo Divinci. He found this pop up page that looked like a living room in which Leonardo was painting the Mona Lisa. Jumba instructed me to get a picture of him in his "house".

We then moved onto the Radio Loli-Pop room. This is set up as a teen hang out only most of the day. You must be a patient or a sibling to enter. During the broadcast time the room is open to younger kiddos to work on projects.

A bunny in a hat was the art project.

I could tell that I don't let my kiddos use glitter enough. We sure had fun doing a simple art project. Bagel forgot about her IV and her drain for a little while.

Notice all that glitter.

On to the games.

Bear was such a help this evening. I might have "intentionally forgotten" one or two of the littles if Bear wasn't so helpful.
Bagel "driving" with Princess in the passenger seat . . . not something I look forward to.

Back in the room we all played with our new prizes from the bingo games.
Bagel got the coolest delivery that afternoon. The incredible Snow family had sent a candy bar arrangement. It was beautiful and yummy. It sure did brighten her day.

We also got a dozens more cards. Bagel sure is loved, thank you all so much!

When it came time to leave Bagel got mad at mom again. She just didn't want us to go home. Bagel and Princess will remember these times for ever. I can just hear them as old ladies talking about the time they won a baby doll together while in the hospital.

We loved watching Jumba trying to give Bagel lots of kisses.
These are another two that are very close.

The boys visit was very different from the Guls nights but we had tons of fun and are just so thankful that Bagel is getting better!

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