Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home Again - Home Again

Now that we are all home and trying to catch up on things I have neglected to post. So sorry. Bagel was released on Wednesday afternoon. She has been given some antibiotics to take and has some limitations. We are to be watching for fevers but so far she is responding well to the antibiotics. This child is back to being the Bagel we know and love. Her grumpy demeanor is gone. I think we left it at the hospital.

We feel so blessed as a family right now. Our Easter was crazy and the week after was even worse. We are so happy to say that we are all still here and all still healthy. Thank you God!

We have heard a few stories and know just how serious this could have been. We really feel that prayers were answered and our baby girl was protected from so much. Her infections could have hurt organs and even caused death. We feel the blessings and owe each of you are most sincere wishes of gratitude.

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