Monday, April 12, 2010

The "Guls" Visit

I know that I forgot an 'R' and used a "U" in the title but Bagel still sometimes uses that adorable 5 year old accent when saying the word "girls". We had a great visit with her last night. Dad is hanging with her in the hospital. He set up his computer and is getting work done, and I suspect enjoying the quiet of one child around instead of nine.
The plan was to have an entire family visit but God must have heard the word plan come from my mouth because the big 15 packer wouldn't start. UGH. So the van should be back in commission by Wednesday. I shoved all the remaining girls into the smaller car and we were off for our adventure with the very beautiful and yet still incredibly crabby little miss Bagel.
While walking off to find food we had a little mishap with her drain tube being tugged on. The poor thing cried and cried. This caused tears from all of her big sisters. They felt guilty for the tug and so sad that she was in pain. Dad realized that they needed to spend more time with her so we got them sandwiches and headed back to the room. They stayed and had girl time watching a movie together while he and I walked elsewhere to have a quiet meal. It was just what was needed. We arrived back to the room to a happy group of girls, lots of giggles and teasing. (Once again J knew exactly what to do!)
I called the room from the car on our way home and Bagel was really upset with me. I asked what was wrong but she was quiet. "Are you mad at me because I am going home and I left dad?" We had agreed to switch off each night but I still had to work on somethings at home. Her reply was so precious!, "NO, I am MAD at you because you are taking the "guls" with you!"

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