Monday, January 4, 2010

Join me on a journey through the Bible

One of my goals for years has been to read through the Bible. Last semester the LifeTeen group at our parish dove into Scripture study again reminding me of this lofty goal. A few years back a friend sent a link to a "read the bible" in a year website that included readings from the old and new Testament every day. I couldn't keep up but did keep the link on the computer telling myself I would go back eventually. If it was too much with 8 children then it would be too much with 9 bigger children that need to be driven all over the world.

Not giving up on my desire I woke up the other morning with the idea for a blog. I will read so much every day and post the reading and my reflections. Maybe no one will ever comment or even read what I am writing. That will not bother me one bit. I have "published" this desire and the blog so as to keep myself accountable. Time will tell . . .

It all starts with a post Do Catholics Read the Bible? Give it a read and considering joining me in my daily journey.

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