Wednesday, January 6, 2010

9 Texas T's+ 9 Snows = Wonderful Lifelong Friendships

So about 20 years ago there were two couples in different parts of the country each taking vows in the church. Both couples dreamed of the family that God would provide and trusted in that mission. Each couple stood before God, in the arms of His awesome Catholic Church and smiled when the priest asked them,
"Will you accept children from God lovingly and bring them up according to the
law of Christ and his Church?"

Each couple said, "Yes!" (I think that is when God smiled!)

Just look at how wonderful it can be when you say yes to God and trust in Him over the next 20 years:

I have been so blessed in my life to have always been surrounded by great people. I have had so many more friends than one person should ever be blessed with. God has been so generous to me. I love each and every one through out the years. One such friend that has touched me greatly on and off the past 10 years is my dear friend Krysten. She has been one of those people that I connect with on a deep level without much effort. She has said things over the years that have stayed in the back of my head and helped me through bad times and find direction when I needed it.

We both love our homeschooling days and yet can relate when we are frustrated. We both have tons of laundry but get through it and are thankful for all the clothes. We both worry about our children and care for them until we are exhausted. We both are selfish enough to long for alone time with our husbands. We both value faith most of all and desire to instill that in our children. We both love the comforts that the world has to offer but balance that with being willing to offer up anything for a pour soul in purgatory. We both try to save our family money any way we can so we can plan fun adventures. We both enjoy board games and movie nights with our families.

We both like to laugh at the world, our children and ourselves. We both love to laugh.

We both love to watch our 18 year old children take care of their younger siblings. We both giggle when we are corrected by the 16, 15, 14, or 13 year old on how we should be parenting.

We both watch other families count out the number of children in our families and smile. We are both amazed that often people loose count around 5 and can't seam to add all the way to 9 not to mention the reaction when we are together with all 18.
We constantly chase, change, look for, explain to, and/or love on the nearest child within reach.We both love how our children blend together into a mix of happy, unselfish, loving, homeschooled, Catholic, teens and little ones that out shine any group or family we encounter.

We both love that the "hottest" item in our group is the youngest one. Everybody loves the baby. We love the sense of adventure and play that exist within each family. We love that even a big hill can entertain 18 children for an hour without an issue.
We love the fact that we have so many children together that you can't see both ends in these pictures.

We love that after 5 years of not seeing each other our kids were able to hit it off again. We loved that the little ones that had never met were playing together within minutes of meeting. We loved that the big kiddos were sharing stories and swapping tales within an hour or rekindling friendships.

We love that we met each other, became friends, and can go 5 years without seeing each other and then continue our friendship right where it was put on hold when they moved out of town. Most of all we love each other, each others families and our good God that has allowed us to spend precious time together again!
Just look at how happy and beautiful those 20 people are. You don't find that with every family or every friend. The Snows are special people. We love you guys!

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  1. Oh my dear friend! This is how out of touch I am with blogging, I am just now seeing this on your blog. I saw it on FB.

    You know me so well, and I could've said every single word you wrote, about you and your family.

    I needed to read this post, because it inspired me! Isn't that funny. It inspired me to be proud of what we have and what we are doing.

    I love you and pray for you and your family.


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