Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I used to dance around my room and pretend that it was New Years Eve and that I was all grown up. In my dream I was dancing with the most handsome man laughing and enjoying myself like only grown ups do. Then I grew up and my handsome man is not much for a night out dancing.

Tonight, like almost every New Years Eve for the past 20 years, was quiet and with family.

It included movies, chicken wings, the entire family, and lots of love. Granted my dream has not come true but reality is much better!!
Thank you God for all the blessings of 2009. Thank you for all the heartache of the past year that has taught me how to find you. Please grant my family a year in which we continue to grow closer and closer to You. I pray that for all my friends and family while also wishing them health, wealth and happiness!

Welcome 2010
and all the joy contained within.

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  1. Happy New Year, Shannon!

    May 2010 bring you a peace-filled year and the continued walk with God that you and your sweet family do so well.

    Have returned from my blogging hiatus and look forward to reconnecting thru our blogs (although I love that we have FB!).

    Big appt. on Tuesday, Jan. 5th. A bit apprehensive, but know that everything is in God's hands. Praying that at 9w1d we still have a heartbeat, but regardless, I have taken your advice and truly enjoyed every minute of this pregnancy.

    Hoping that I can make a "formal" announcement soon, but if not, I appreciate all your prayers that I know you have been sending my way!



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