Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa came to visit the parish

Goobers was working on her volunteer credits for Confirmation. That made the rest of us get out of the house and visit with Santa. Goobers loved her job of being Santa's helper. As the children walked away from Santa, Goobers would hand them a treat.

Pooker and Bear were still a little tired but wanted to be there with the little ones.

The kids found their friends and the hot chocolate.

Bagel was very worried about this talk with Santa. She was so nervous.

Jumba surprised us. He wasn't scared of Santa at all. He couldn't wait to hug the man.

Our first stop was to make some reindeer food. Jumba was prepared and now ready to visit with Santa.

Standing in line Jumba made Sugar walk close so he could watch the other kiddos with Santa.

Finlay it was his turn. Jumba was so excited!

Here are my three young believers. They believe in the magic of Santa. They believe in asking for all that they need and want. They believe that God will answer every request. I pray that by the end of this Advent Season we will all trust like they do giving the Father all of our belief.

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