Sunday, December 6, 2009

Recap of the first week of advent

I had some wonderful pictures of Bear on the roof putting up lights. Great family shots as we put our house in the Holiday spirit. Then the pictures were lost and out of anger I broke my camera. Not on purpose but it is broken and it is my fault. So I stopped putting the joyful decorations up.

Thursday we lived with the promise of snow. Hello, we are in Houston and I did say snow. Not only were we supposed to get snow it was supposed to accumulate up to 4 inches. We had the best time thinking about the snow that might be coming. I was sad that I had no camera but the kids have some so all should be good. Then my area didn't get any accumulation. We watched beautiful flakes fall to the ground and I still got angry that it didn't stick.

We visited the day school at our parish yesterday for the annual breakfast with Santa and the the St. Nick's Nook. We didn't have breakfast as we had come later. The children waited in line to visit with Santa. Jumba was delighted to talk with Santa and had a blast. The Vendors for the St. Nick's Nook were good but very trendy and very pricey. I was very disappointed. We waited for Goobers to finish some service hours and sat and watched those around us. My children noticed all kinds of stuff. Children that were being rude to their parents because of something silly and the parents then giving in to the children.

At one point I was summoned from my seat to visit with Santa. He went on to complain that he was tired after having seen all those kids and I must either be insane or exhausted all the time.
REALLY, did my children need to hear that from someone who is trying to
represent a SAINT!??!

Yesterday was the one month marker of Linda's passing. From Linda I learned that my time is short, I won't know when the end is coming, and that I need to stop wasting precious time. The week ended with me feeling sad, depressed, guilty, let down and angry. That isn't what Advent is about at all. I have not left this week better than I left last week. Today marks the first day of the second week.

I need to stop trying to FEEL better and start trying to BE better.

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  1. Funny story. At LifeTeen tonight our youth director told the teens that a priests changed his life years ago. The priest challenged him about the life he was living. He replied about how he felt about it. The priest then told him that "Feelings is the 'F' word for you generation." So true. I need to stop thinking twice about my feelings and start being a better person.


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