Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun and Meaningful Life Night!

My kiddos were as happy as ever as we prepared for LifeNight on Sunday night. I helped secure 10 grocery carts from the store that Pooker works for. We used the carts to collect can goods for the food pantry.
This LifeNight united our group to those around the country. This night was to discuss local hunger. Our teens learned that our own parish supports the pantry for our surrounding area. The teens worked hard to gather and sort the food.
The big posters made the job of sorting very easy. Our teens are reportable still bringing in food.
I am so proud of all those teens. Our parish is so blessed to have such an active large group of teens wanting to gather to learn about the richness of our Catholic faith. I think there were around 280 teens that night.

After taking a group picture we lined the kiddos up and we passed the food from person to person from the grocery carts down to the pantry.

We did this through the gym, out the door, down the hall, outside, down the driveway and into the pantry store room.

This was a huge chore but I saw so many fruits. I overheard some of the kiddos talking and introducing themselves to their neighbors. I heard one girl say, "No, I am new here, I don't know anyone!" She does now.
I heard laughing and talking and realization. "I can't believe that our little pantry feeds that many people!" One group was talking about coming back to volunteer.
I had to post this picture because this young man is one that I always catch when I am holding my camera.
Good luck counting all that stuff.
The end of the night came and we had to get the carts back to the store.
The girls with the truck returned the last four carts.

Thank you for such a wonderful night with 300 of the best teens around!

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