Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend with Family

God allows us time with each other to rejuvenate. I had a hard summer. I still am mourning the loss of our little David Patrick. I wasn't even that far into the pregnancy but I felt close to him. I am now trying to reconnect with each member of this big family.
We missed two parties this weekend because we just wanted the family time. I was sorry to miss the events but I am so glad to have had the family time.
One of the activities that we enjoyed together was visiting the drive in. We arrived just in time to see a beautiful sunset!

The smiles all weekend were just as beautiful. I wasn't able get pictures of all those smiles. I sat back at one point and just watched the kids interact. BEAUTIFUL. Most of the time they bicker and argue like the rest of us but this was a great weekend.

Often I am asked, "How do you do it?" in regard to everything from laundry, to meals to even movie going. We start out by going to the drive in. Cheap, two movies for one cheaper price.

The best investment J and I have ever made was the purchase of our 15 passenger van. We just back it into our spot and remove a few of the benches. This gives seating outside and a resting spot for the little ones.

We really did have fun this past weekend! Fun with each other.

Look at that hug!

Bear's friend joined us for the drive in and it is always good to see the teens having a good time!

A rejuvenated dad is a good thing for this family. After a weekend of family activities we all feel better and closer. I love the bonding and am most thankful for all the time we were able to spend together.

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