Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flying Squirrels and Broken Cameras.

My baby is an official flying squirrel. Community colleges have the oddest mascot names. . .but anyway I just wanted to brag about my Pooker. She followed through with several phone calls, changing her work schedule again, and making it to practice/try outs. She did not play that much because she was so delayed in making to the practices because of work. I suspect that will be a different story next week.

As she was being put into the game, I reached over to pick up Jumba who was crawling onto the court. He kicked my camera and it smashed in to the ground. My very expensive camera is now officially dead. My back up camera is being repaired. So no shots of Pooker during or after the game. I will cry about that elsewhere because this is about how proud of Pooker I am. Way to go my little squirrel.

In the end the team did not win any games but it sure was fun to be there cheering Pooker on again. The kiddos loved watching again. We all felt like we were back where we belong. And for Dad, well we could hardly keep him on his chair.

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