Friday, September 18, 2009

My Babies are Home!

I am so glad that my Goobers and Bear were able to spend two and a half weeks in St. Louis helping their Mimi after her knee surgery. It was hard on us though. We all missed them so much. I am very proud of how the family regrouped and how Sugar and Moogie stepped up. When the day had come to prepare for their return the house was filled with excitement. Everyone worked together to make the banners to welcome them home. Houston being Houston meant that we ran into a huge traffic jam half way to the airport. I was in full panic mode while Pooker calmed me and reminded me that Goobers and Bear would just sit and wait for us. They would call and we just didn't need to worry.The little ones really hoped to greet the two as they came out of security. So I dropped the crowd off under Pooker and Sugar's supervision. The little ones arrived before the travelers. They unrolled their welcome home sign and waited. I didn't make it, parking the big van isn't always a quick fix. The excitement was overwhelming when they finally saw the two travelers. Yeah! They have landed, they are with us, and they are safe! I hope to begin sleeping again now that they are home. They were both wearing cool new sweatshirts and t-shirts that their KeeKee had purchased for them. The family back home still want each of the kiddos to decide to go to college at St. Louis University. SLU is a great school but isn't for Pooker, who knows maybe Goobers or Bear will be a little different?
Even though I was not with them yet Pooker knew I would want a group photo. She isn't in it but look how happy everyone is to have the travelers back!
I was greeted with giant hugs downstairs in the luggage claim area. I was also so happy to get my family shot again now that they are all together.
Jumba really missed the big kids.
One of the things that the travelers missed was good Mexican food. So on our way home we stopped and had some yummy fajitas. They giggled the entire time. There were tons of stories to share.
Jumba wanted a cool SLU sweatshirt so Bear showed.

Pooker and Sugar were to most excited. They were thrilled to have their friends back.

The giggles and the goofy stuff did not stop.

Pickle didn't need to be the big brother anymore. Finally Bear was back!

They just wouldn't stop laughing with each other long enough for a picture in front of the welcome home sign on the garage.

Man, it really is good to have them back. They brought us gifts back and everyone was thrilled.

Today was a good day. Thank you God for allowing them the time for the adventure and the desire to help family. Thank you also to family that welcomed them and made them feel like a King and a Queen when they traveled. I even heard one of them say that if we had to move back to St. Louis it wouldn' be that bad. I was thrilled to hear that. It will take them a few days to adjust to the weather again. I am just thrilled they they have arrived. Thank you God.

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