Saturday, September 5, 2009

Different Childhood Memories

Growing up we never had tons of money. Every now and then we were allowed to get a treat from the Ice Cream Truck. We all knew that mom and dad were paying way too much for the treat but it was so much fun to get it from the back of the truck. My children will have different memories. Maybe it is all about being this far south in Houston as opposed to St. Louis. Maybe it has to do with being near so many construction sites that employ labor from even further south. Maybe ice cream melts too fast in this heat making an ice cream truck too difficult. The truck pictured below is one that we took the other day. This truck circles around the newer houses in the back of the neighborhood all of the time.

We have never had a meal served this way. The idea of meat being prepared on the go like that scares me a tad. The other issue is that I do not speak Spanish and these drivers do not speak English. My children are growing up in a different world, that is for sure.

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