Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Babies are off seeing the World

Well maybe not the world, but St. Louis.

Mimi, my mom, had a knee replacement last week. The surgery went extremely well. Mimi lives alone and next door to my sister KeeKee. Way before the surgery was scheduled my sister agreed to take a new job with August 31 as start date. My mom knew that she would still need a little help. J has his national sales meetings this week so he would gone. That meant mom could not leave to help Mimi. Goobers and Bear offered/agreed to be with Mimi as she heals. So off to St. Louis they flew bright and early Sunday morning.

They had an early enough flight from an airport that is a good distance from our house. They were up and ready to go. They were very excited to fly and yet a tad nervous. I laugh at how they act with each other. They are 15 months apart. Pooker has always been the leader of this crew. As she gets older and she gets busier with college they are taking the leadership role more and more.
The other kiddos are not to happy about their departure. They all woke up to see us off to the airport. Look at all those tired, sad faces. AWE.
The adventure had begun. These two were so excited to fly for the first time, to see family and friends in St. Louis and to get away for a few weeks.
We got through security and found our way to the gate. I was glad that I was able to escort them all the way back and to wait with them.
They ate and then grew more and more nervous while we waited.
We sat and watched the plane pull in, unload and then prepare for the next flight. We watched them check the plane and even saw their luggage being added.
Then it was time to stand in line. We talked and I tried to keep them giggling to calm their nerves. They were both very quiet. Then they were called. I got very frantic hugs and kisses and they were off.
I grew very nervous now as I watched them head forward to board. They were calming down and enjoying the process.
I didn't want to find out later that the plane had issues and returned to the gate only to dump my young children. So I waited and watched the plane depart. I said a prayer as it lifted from the ground and realized how much fun those two would be having with family.

As I walked back to the car I also realized how much my heart would be aching as I missed them. Goobers is a great leader in our home. She is very loving to her younger siblings. She isn't afraid of little hard work. Bear is the guy that fixes everything. He knows how things work and when they don't he makes them work. He is the one that keeps the family laugh track going as well. I hope Mimi is able to appreciates them as much as I do.

Bye guys, be safe and know that mom loves you bunches and bunches.

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