Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Teenager, Yahoo.

This week our dear wonderful Suger Wuger Buger Bear turned 13 years old. Sugar is now officially one of the teens. She has the attitude to go with it. She is funny, happy and determined. She adores her family and misses Goobers and Bear so much. I have been so proud of her this week with the other two gone. She has been a great leader this week. I knew she had it in her but it is a wonderful thing to see.

At first Sugar wasn't sure if we would even mention her birthday with her brother and sister gone. She wanted to wait until their return to celebrate. Dad was also gone on a business trip. We settled on a mini celebration with a bigger one to come when everyone is together again.

Molly was thrilled when her friend Tab came to visit with a gift. Tab's mom would shoot me if she were to see the cake. I just hope that Tab and Troy don't tell Linda. (Please continue to pray for Linda and her family.)

So you all have heard about my cake issues. This is a cookie cake purchased from WalMart. She wanted the cookie cake but this was all they had. Poor girl. At least they gave me the "Happy Birthday" for the middle of the football.
One advantage to having so many people gone was that we all got a good size piece of the cookie. Sugar felt that birthday's are made special by Goobers. She is the birthday person.

Happy Birthday Sugar. You are growing into such a delightful young woman. You are so beautiful inside and out. You are different from your sisters and yet you compliment them beautifully. Thank you for sharing your whit and your kindness with us. We love you bunches and bunches and always will.

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