Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Fan of the Trains

Trains have been a hit and miss obsession with this family. Considering that we are mostly girls and the boys are so spread out we find that often we pack the trains up to make room for the Doll House People.

Bear loved the trains many years back. He would play with them quietly for hours. His passion did not last that long but he did collects many trains. After a few years went by Pickle came along. He loved the trains for longer and more passionately. His favorite was a bus called Bertie. We had to have back ups in case the original was lost. It was his comfort. We never let a toy go into church with us, so Bertie would sit in the car waiting for our return. Pickle used to question why I didn't want Bertie to go to Heaven. Years passed and the trains were stored away again.
The discovery of the huge collection of trains was made the other day while looking for something else. We now have a new little one that has fallen in love with the set again. Jumba figured out that he could connect the pieces. He was so proud and excited to build. I had a blast watching as the memories of the other two came rushing back.
He wasn't alone as he played. Everyone loves the trains. The little guy had lots of helpers. Somehow they all knew to let him build and they then played with his path.

I love moments like these. I love watching them play with each other. I love watching the baby learn new skills. I love watching the older siblings delight in his accomplishments. I love being a mom with little boys.

Bagel loved playing along side Jumba. I was so proud of her to fight her urge to stop him and direct him. She let him do it by himself and that is hard for a big sister.

What a sweet shot. Go Jumba!

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