Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Official Sick Day

For the most part the T family are very healthy. The doctor even pointed out today how long it had been between our sick visits. "You are healthier than most." That is a very true statement. I laugh at friends sometimes that try to live an ultra healthy life style and are sick more times than us. Maybe they are prone to it and are healthier because because of their lifestyle. But according to the latest news reports I should be dead because of my weight. I laugh at that. I am active and healthy. I get sick once every few years and it usually is just a cold. We are bad and we eat french fries, we eat meat, we drink soft drinks, we have sugar cereal, all the bad stuff. We even make cookies sometimes. I don't mean the oatmeal raisin ones made with apple sauce and not butter, I am talking about the fantastic chocolate chip cookies.

I think that because we homeschool and usually hang out with only homeschooled kiddos we pick up less of the illnesses that the children's peers do in traditional school. Swim team times always gets us. We are introduced to some stuff that we would normally avoid.

Bear has strep throat, Sugar has swimmers ear and I have a bad cold that has settled into my chest. Coughing is a real issue. We have all had something the past few weeks. We pass the stuff around and then God willing we come out of it healthy again. Today was the first official day of nothing in a while. It felt good. I only wish we felt better so we could better enjoy the doing nothing. Maybe we will try to take a sick day soon when everyone is healthy.

Sick update: Bear better, Sugar better, mom still coughing, dad has an infection in his mouth and after an emergency dentist visit and antibiotics he is slowly getting better.


  1. Hey Girl!

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

    From my experience, daycare kiddos and school-attending kiddos do get more illnesses than homeschooled kiddos b/c of the environment. My kids have never been healthier then they were this first year home with them.

    Ben's ENT gave me a handout that showed how quickly sickness multiplied depending upon how many families were involved in an in-home daycare. So if you have 5 kiddos in the daycare, but only 3 families you will have less illness than if you have 5 kiddos in a daycare from 5 different families. Each family brings different germs into the daycare. So think of a pub/Catholic school classroom where you have 21 different kiddos from 21 different families...yuck!

    Eventually, you do build resistance to certain germs, bugs, etc., but man, my first year of teaching I picked up all sorts of weird illnesses! Probably why your kiddos get sick at swim club! They're exposed to lots of different families!

    Anyway, keeping you ALL in my thoughts and prayers as you start off the summer! Do you homeschool year-round? I know families that do it both ways...year-round and summers off!

    Blessings to you,

  2. I worked day care for a while and did experience that 6 months of constant illness. After that I have been pretty good. Even 20 years later, I get sick very rarely.

    This year we plan to start back up with homeschooling the second week in June. We will then take December off. The weather here in Houston is so hot that it will be easier to school and bribe the kiddos with afternoon time at the pool if they have their work done.

    Thanks for the prayers, they are what keep me going. The cold is really still kicking my butt! ugh.

  3. Watch your cough! Mike had it and ended up in the hospital last week with pericarditis(virus settled in the lining around his heart). I've had a sore throat too for a few days. Think I better go eat more cookies & ice cream cause that makes me feel better! Hope you all are well soon...

  4. Hope you guys are feeling better very soon!


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