Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Rain in Houston

Friday began with Fr. Tom staying at the hotel for a little rest and the kiddos having time to get their math and their chores finished. I went to pick up Mimi from the airport and we had a little time to chat. Mimi had just gotten back from a trip with KeeKee and Aunt Katie so we spent the ride and breakfast catching up on family.

Then the rains started. This time it was not your average summer thunder storm it was a tropical type storm. There was lots of wind, the sky was green and the rain was coming down extremely hard. Any thoughts on a great rainy day activity? How about some bowling?!!!!?

After bowling we headed back to the house to plan for dinner. We all wanted an adult night out without the little ones so Pooker joined Fr. Tom, J, Mimi and me. We headed to an Italian restaurant. Everything was served family style which meant that we ordered a few different things and we all shared. J wanted Spaghetti and Meatballs until he saw the size of the meatball.

There was so much extra food. We brought it all home and it took the kiddos 2 meals to finish it off. We laughed so hard that night. It started with a meatball and ended with a call to my cousin. The bad news of the night was that the big meatball made an escape during the ride home.

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