Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laser Tag and Pizza with Fr. Tom

So after our wonderful day of flying kites the skies opened up and the tropical rains began. Actually the rains were not that bad on Thursday evening. They did alter our plans. We ended up at Incredible Pizza Place. The pizza was good but we had a blast playing the games.

Moogie in a pretend car. That is a scary site.
Bagel was so adorable. She came knowing that Fr. Tom is her friend and she planned to have fun.
Here is Princess "running" over her father. Poor J.

Bagel and Jumba were a hoot all night. Jumba wanted to keep up with Bagel and Princess. He loved this car.
This train was another story. Jumba loved it so much that he actually crawled back under the gate to get another turn. He was not happy when I got him out and punished him. He loved that train!
While mom and the three little ones were in the area with the train and cars, the rest of the crew went to play Laser Tag. After the weekend was completely over this was the favorite activity that we did. Fr. Tom now has a strategy planned and this will apparently be a yearly challenge. I was told that several of my children are suicide laser taggers. I was told that Moogie would just run into gun fire while shooting. That girl knows no fear.
They all took silly names and I don't really know who was who. I was told that J was the winner.
I don't know if that makes me happy or not. My husband had no problem shooting our children and our dear friend that happens to be a priest. I wonder if there is a special spot in purgatory for men like that ?!?!?
Look at all those smiles. They really did have a blast!
So the place is due to close in 15 min and we had money left on a car. What should we do? The answer is simple we go to the ski ball tables. The plan was to get as many tickets as possible and then purchase something fun for the family.
Jumba loved this. We had to chance down the balls but he really got a kick of this game.

Notice Bagel's concentration in the above picture and apparently she didn't like where the ball ended up. Look at that tongue. Crazy girl.So everyone shared in the fun and we were able to purchase 3 boomerangs. So much fun and the favorite from the visit.

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