Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another day of Rain in Houston 4-18-09

So Saturday was just as green and wet as Friday. My mom said that she has never seen this much rain. The truth is that it rains very different here than in the mid-west. Sometimes I miss those storms that would roll in, storm and then roll out. Here it seams to rain for longer periods of time. I feel like we are always saying that we can use the rain. So another day of searching for indoor activity without driving too far. We ended up at the mall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science mini location. The best part was the room full of blocks. We spent hours in that room.
Pickle and Goobers working on a puzzle.
Bagel and Sugar building a tower.
Fr. Tom and Princess working on a Cathedral.
The boys joined in the tower building. Jumba loved all these blocks.
Sugar and Jumba moved on to chair moving. Jumba spent at least 30 minutes moving the tiny stools around. Sugar would sit where he told her to sit. She is such a good big sister.
Moogie started her own building.
Dad, Bagel, Goobers and Pickle end up with a huge box of Lincoln Logs. They also started buildings.
The girls were very proud of their creations.
Fr. Tom would still be making changes if we let him.

Mimi didn't enjoy the blocks as much as the rest of the gang. Pooker was at work so that is why you are missing her here. Our plan was to visit her after this.

Moogie's final building.
Our tour ended with time in the dinosaur dig pits. The have huge bones placed in the ground with tire shavings over them. The kids get to pretend to find the remains and dig them out. This made the kiddos very happy and very dirty.
Another good day. Dani loved having us visit. Another good day with our visitors.

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