Saturday, April 25, 2009

The new Co-Cathdral Visit

We went to see the new co-Cathedral for the Galveston-Houston Arch Diocese. I have heard o much hype over this building. After it was open we heard many say how wonderful it was. I didn't see it.

Loved the spacious bathrooms. For us that is not usually a draw for a church.

It didn't take long to look around. The walls were simple. Not much to look at at all. The saint statues were the only decorations and not very many of them. This windows contained stain glass angels. The stations of the cross were around as well. Very simple, but not too modern.
Having grown up in St. Louis I grew partial to the St. Louis Basilica. That building is a world renown for its mosaic walls and ceilings. One could spend days just looking at the walls and not have enough time to see at all. God's beauty and story is reflected in each design around the room especial the dome. Not here in Houston. Very plain and simple. I felt that it did not glorify our creator at all.
Our Lord was truly present. Our creator, our God our Lord and Savior was there. He was present in His humble appearance of Bread tucked safely into the Tabernacle. This was not part of a side chapel devoted just to him but in what looked like a black cave. This should be the focal point of the entire church not a blackened closet to the side. As you turn to leave the building there is a huge stain glass window with the a version of the risen Christ. This was a huge let down for all of us. It made me long for the "real" churches of the mid-west. I so miss the beauty. I often find simple to be nice but it just didn't feel good enough for God.

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