Saturday, April 25, 2009

Body-Blood-Soul-Divinity on Mercy Sunday! 4-19-09

The Party was just like the old days. We were not in our back yard, and we missed all of our cousins but we still had a stellar game of wiffle ball.

What a great day this was! Pickle was so happy as he received our Lord. The joy on his face was seen by anyone that looked. That pure joy that you can see in children. We were blessed that our Fr. Tom was asked to be the main celebrant. It was wonderful except that our families could not all make it down. They were missed. We were very blessed to have so many friends for our homeschool group. They stuck around after Mass to congratulate Pickle and his friend Danielle. After the Mass we headed to the park. The rains had stopped and we were able to spend that day playing t-ball just like the old days.

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