Saturday, April 25, 2009

One more Mass with Fr. Tom before goes home!

We have so enjoyed having Fr. Keller with us for the past few days. It was a rare treat. Bear got to know his God-Father again. Pooker and Goobers got to feel close to their old friend again. Sugar and Moogie got to know Fr. Keller as young people and not babies. The rest of the group got to know and love this man. His last day he was asked to say the morning Mass for the parish priest. We were thrilled that he agreed.

Jason and I have been friends with Fr. Keller for years. We were at his ordination. It was a beautiful blending of two worlds to have him saying Mass down here in Houston. Our past was blending with our present. It was a wonderful feeling.
We gathered all of Fr.'s stuff and headed for some donuts after breakfast. We didn't stay long but I noticed that each one of the kiddos found the time and way to spend some one on one time with our visitor.

He was so wonderful to listen to each one of their questions. He made them all feel special. Princess and Bagel understood that he would be leaving soon and enjoyed getting his attention and telling him stories.
Pickle was very calm this day. He felt very peaceful. I loved that toward the end of the visit, Pickle said that he might want to be a priest after all. I asked why he changed his mind. He said that he didn't know that priest could still have fun and be as cool as Fr. Keller.

Bear enjoyed the time with his God-Father.

After the donuts we headed to the park. After several days of rain and some site seeing we wanted to just fly kites again. Maybe Fr. Keller has a few more tricks up his sleeves.

We were not there for very long before the little ones headed off to the play set while the older ones starting working on their kites. The goal was to break the record of flying 6 at one time.

The boys got into this big time. But the winds were not that great today.

The girls wanted to sun bath and not get to sweaty from running after the kites.

Before it was time to leave a few friends showed up. We continued to fly for a short time and them it was time for good-bye.

Every single day for the past week one of the children has come up to me and said, "I miss Fr. Tom, Don't you?!" Yes I do! Thanks Fr. Keller - we all love you and miss you!

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