Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flying kites with Fr. Tom Keller!

Fr. Tom is here!

The little ones were so happy to see our dear friend. The past couple of visits had been in St. Louis where he is a pastor so his time with us is very limited. This visit was all for him and the kiddos. The day was beautiful and Fr. is very allergic to our pets so we started on the scooters and moved to the park to fly our Easter kites.
Go Sugar!

I bet this poor man needs a vacation from his vacation. 5 days of non stop playing with 9 kiddos will wear anyone out. J and I picked up Fr. Tom from the airport with Bagel and Jumba. Bagel was pretty unsure of this guest until we arrived at home. She realized then that she had the extra time and was the lucky one.

I had no idea but Fr. Tom had enjoyed kite flying a lot as a young boy and he knew tons of tricks. The kids had so much fun learning a skill from their friend.

Jumba even got into it this day. The wind was perfect so it was not hard to get the kites up in the air.
They all loved the time watching and learning. Fr. Tom was very patient.

There were not many trees around at all but we still had a little trouble with the ones that were there trying to eat our kites.

At this point Moogie's kite has been hooked onto another kite and she is looking for more to hook together.

Bear was Fr. Tom's best student. He loved learning as many of these tricks as he could. Here is flying 6 kites each hooked to the back of the next.

This was great fun even when the top two broke loose. A small search party ventured off to follow the kites. They came back about 45 minutes later laughing with the kites in hand.

Bagel enjoyed watching the kites from the top of the playground.

Bear shared his knowledge with Moogie. Those two getting along is a rare site, maybe the having a priest who is also Bear's God Father so close is helping the relationship.

Dad joined us later in the afternoon. He was busy with work calls all day.

Molly was part of the search party and we tried to add them all together once she returned.

It isn't everyday that you have good friends that will spend their time just playing with your children. The older kiddos had tons of stories before the visit about the old times living in St. Louis and all the teasing this beloved priest would taunt them with. (The water-balloon-sling-shot story is still a favorite for all of us!) Now the little ones have the great memories as well.

I have been requested to talk less and add more pictures. So as I catch up that is what you are getting. Enjoy!

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, but just had to come back and comment!

    How wonderful that Fr. Tom was able to make it to Houston for the First Holy Communion. I have to agree that a ticket for one is easier to manage than travel arrangements for 11! LOL

    I also got a kick out of reading your Easter Sunday post. So glad to know that there are others out there who are wonderful mothers, but still dread the egg-dying ritual as much as I do! LOL

    Blessings to you, Shannon,


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