Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is there a new Cuda this year?

Did you hear the good news . . .? There is a new Cuda in the T house. At least that is what we are hoping for. Bagel will not be 5 years old until the middle of June but we couldn't hold this little Cuda back. Bagel was born at the end of one swim season. I carried her inside to every practice, meet and activity. She loved hearing the voices and the excitement of those around. I loved the pools being open so that as a big fat pregnant momma I could take a loud off of my feet and relax in the cool water. I think this is where Bagel's love of the pool first began.
It isn't easy being a young Cuda on our neighborhood team. We have a huge team with tons of young swimmers. You have to be able to go from one end to the other without stopping or grabbing the rope to make the team. I am a little leery as too whether or not this young one will reach that goal by time trials. I can't tell her no though. She is very determined and excited. Even though her practice didn't start until 5:00 P.M. that week she was dressed and ready to go, suit, towel and goggles, by 9:00A.M.

The new Cudas got to have a week of swimming for themselves. Bagel asked Pooker if she would drive her up. (Aside from being hurt that mom was left out!) I was very happy to see that every single older member of this crazy T family went to make sure she would make the team.
They all had to watch from outside the gate and even offered the coach a few words of advice on how to treat their baby sister.

They all want her to make it and to do well. They also all know from previous years that the first few days are the hardest.

The hardest part is getting over your fear and just giving it a try. I think that there is always a added fear for homeschoolers when they start something new because all the other kiddos know each other from school. None of that could stop our Bagel. She gave it an official T-Family try her first day, then went back and is trying her best to make me the only mom to have given birth to 8 of the 2009 Cuda Team members. Basically that means that I will never be able to leave the pool deck during a meet. We will have a swimmer in just about each event. How cool is that?

Even though they couldn't get in the water for an entire week they all supported our newest Cuda.
GO Bagel! Make them eat your bubbles, girl!

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  1. Shannon,

    What a wonderful testiment to how you have raised your children. What sweet siblings they are to go out and cheer Bagel on (from behind the fence!) during her tryouts.

    I wish her all the best! I can just picture her dressed and ready to go at 9 AM and the anticiaption building as she has to wait ALLLLL DAY to go to practice!

    Blessings to you, Shannon,


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