Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun 2009

The Lenten season was long for us this year. We struggled to enjoy our sacrifice. In the end Easter came. On Good Friday we watched the Passion of the Christ with the older kiddos and talked about next year watching it also on Ash Wednesday. That movie is great at creating the visual to prepare for Easter. We also started the Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena on Good Friday. That one ends on Mercy Sunday, the week after Easter. For us we love the reminder that Jesus did all that he did to offer us the Mercy of the Father.
We started with our Easter egg hunt at church this year. The older kiddos helped be the bunny for each age group while the little ones loved finding the eggs. Pickle is almost too cool to egg searching as you can see here.

Pooker's friends were with us to celebrate her birthday. We had to fit in the egg hunt in between her stuff. I love that Pooker was OK with that and so were her friends. They all got involved and helped.

Bagel was alone in the corner with tons of eggs for awhile. She had Sugar and another bunny helped close behind watching her hunt. I think they hoped she would share her goodies. As always she did.

Moogie makes the most of life. She loved hanging out with the big kiddos this day but also enjoyed being a part of the oldest group that still got to hunt for the eggs. For her it wasn't the candy as much as it was being a part of the action.

Bagel even one a big prize. You go girl.

Dressing the children for Easter has always been a source of joy for J and I. His mom and dad used to take care of finding the Christmas outfits so we decided a long time ago that Easter would be our turn. We love the search. It is not easy trying to dress 9 children and 2 parents in similar outfits. We do not want them to match at all but at least not clash for the pictures. This year we were in three parts. The younger girls, the older girls and then last but not least the boys. J and I headed out to dress Bear and Pickle. This year they wanted suits. This was not going to be easy, but we really did have a fun day of shopping together. In the end all the boys even dad were looking alike. They all had matching ties that co-ordinated with the colors of the girls outfits. We never got all the great pictures that I wanted but they did look wonderful!

Time to dye the Easter Eggs. This is never my favorite part. Pooker loved this part so she leads the gang. This year we had to work around her work schedule but the fun they had together far outweighs the beauty of the eggs.

Sugar's hands turned darker than the eggs.

Pickle and Pooker take this very seriously.

Goobers is not sure what Princess is doing to the eggs while Moogie seams to be waxing her name into the side of her egg.
Jumba is always dirty but he doesn't like to feel dirty. The colored water had him a tad freaked out at first.

Princess, Moogie, and Bagel take this work to heart.

We had to try his new tie on before we got him dressed. He is the cutest little one! I love that Jumba bunches and bunches.

Now if these are not two of the nicest looking men in the world then I don't know who is. Their ties were a perfect match while dad and Pickles were a tad different. Bear and Jumba as years apart and yet hang out often. I think that Bear is just making sure Jumba learns the guy ropes for this T family.

Our church is huge. It hold lots of people. There is never enough room for the Christmas and Easter crowds though. We knew we had to leave early to get to church on time to get a spot and the Mass times had been altered. The rain was pouring down as we arrived. Cars from the earlier Mass were just leaving. Once we all got out of the car and out of the rain we were told that at 20 minutes early the main church was full and we were diverted to the Mass in the gym. J was not happy, but as always decided to be joyful about this change of plans.

We found the only way for us to stay together was to stand toward the front on the side. So that is what we did. Sitting wasn't as important as our ability to make a quick exist with a screaming Jumba or us being together as a family on Easter Sunday.

Jumba didn't scream but did try to dirty up his brand new suit as best he could on the gym floor.

After Mass we headed home, still in the rain and were not able to get the usual Easter pictures. This bothered mom very very much. But we had Easter baskets to tackle. Princess, Pooker and Sugar are inspecting their goodies. Sugar loved the kite.

Here the boys are again. Pickle is doing a complete inventory over there while Bear and tries to explain the basket fun to Jumba.

It didn't take too long once Jumba realized that candy was involved.

Everyone got kites this year. Goobers loved her Elmo kite. One of the bunny helpers thought this would be a great idea. The kiddos actually ran to the park on Easter after the clouds cleared and playing with this new source of gun.

Checking out the basket is intense work here for Pooker and Sugar while Pickle and Princess wonder if they will ever get to use that kite.
This groups cleans up well don't they. I just love my very handsome crowd.

The Texas T Family wish you a very Blessed Easter Sunday. We
pray that you can forever live in the joy of His Resurrection!

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