Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Pookers

Happy 18Th Birthday our dear sweet Pooker Baby. You have grown into such a smart kind young woman. Many people say that you look like me but you act just like your dad. I guess you ended up with the best from both sides of the family.
The truth is Dad and I were very young when you came into the picture. You brought such joy to the two of us. All of your aunts and uncles burst with pride as they played with you. I heard two of them one day discussing that they were worried that they loved you too much. They were concerned that they would love you more than their own children. You were the first grandchild on both sides of the family and the first great-grandchild on dad's side.That means that there were tons of people hugging and kissing on you. Everyone helped to parent you for ahwile. Then your siblings started to come. You were always more excited about their upcoming births than anyone esle. You saw their value through God's eyes before anyone else. That is you.

You have a gift of bringing people together and bringing them to Christ.

I love that you have so many friends from so many different walks of life. Your friends all know your siblings. You don't seperate people in your life. That is such a beautiful thing to see.

You are a joyful, loving, smart person. You are a hard worker, one of the hardest. You are not afraid to take on the world. I know that sometimes you doubt yourself but it is obvious to those around you that you are called to greatness.

Your birthday was wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the time together. Thank you for letting us all be a part of your special day. We started with Mass said in her honor. We then moved on to coffee. Then the parish Easter egg hunt. One very big table at Chuys for all of us. Oh we had so much fun! Thank you! You have become a remarkable young woman and we are very proud of you. Happy birthday my adult baby! Love ya bunches and bunches Pooker Baby!

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