Friday, February 27, 2009

More thoughts on the Fallen Priest

I recently wrote about a Fallen Priest and stated my connections to this man and his organizations. I have been asked many times over in private emails for more of my story. I am sorry but I am still very leery to share more details in this public manner. I am eager to listen if you need to talk, though.

Imagine my shock when I answered the phone yesterday to a call looking for donations for the Legion. UGH! I tried to remain civil. What I heard the caller describe as the attributes of the seminary were not all factual. At first I wanted to argue with her, I wanted to tell what I knew to be true, and I wanted to convince her to leave RC and stop making these calls. I didn't hang up but I knew that I must be charitable for her to hear a word I said. Before I got one word in she stated the wonderful gifts that the Legion has given to the Church. I started to choke as I held back my laugh. I couldn't listen anymore.

"I am sorry, please stop this sales pitch, I . . ." At this time the individual responded to assure me that this wasn't a sales pitch. I apologized and explained that I realized she had no intention of selling me anything just beg for my hard earned money. "I support the seminarians through my contributions to the diocese. Considering that I left Regnum Christi 3 years ago because I believe RC and the Legion to be evil in nature, I confess to be a tad surprised that you called ME asking for money. I pray that you and the rest of the members will remain close to Christ in spite of the movement. I pledge to not send you a dime but to continue my ardent prayer for your soul." CLICK (She ended the call not me.)

I wonder if that finally got me off the list. It isn't the first call, email, snail mail, postcard etc I have received over the past 3 years. I really thought they would stop now that the financial misgivings are coming out. Maybe that is in fact why they called. Their big donors are running for the hills so they are now returning to us little people.

Why I left:

This article sums up many of the legal type issues that I saw and questioned. It is very well done and I only wish all Bishops were this good at leading their flocks.

One of the first things that bothered me was the treatment and lawsuit of the family that created the idea for Familia. My understanding is that they also wrote the original books and questions used in Familia. After a nasty lawsuit RC added more RC leading material to theie versions of the books. The authors retained to legal right to sell the same books as they had before under a different name. They have since created more options at this web site:

The story of the legal struggle is here:

To all my RC friends:
I am still your sister in Christ, even though I am not still "in" RC. Please call me, email me, or stop by if you need to talk. I have been there. It hurts but it will be OK. If I can help, please let me.
In Prayer, Shannon

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