Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High School Musical 3

Our family is not one of those that avoids all the latest trends. We do try to keep them in balance. I remember way back when we first started to homeschool we had a fear that we would end up too weird and different from our peers. I understand the good and bad with that.

We are very different from our peers in many way. One thing that we have worked very hard on this the idea that we are called to "be in world but not of the world!" That being said we do watch the Disney Channel. Some of the shows are very cute. We try very hard to keep the balance of watching and enjoying the shows but not falling into idolizing the characters.

We have had many good memories celebrating the latest Disney Movie. The ones made for the Disney Channel are pretty clever. They don't seam to fall into that mold of parents being dead or stupid. They are usually clever, fun and family orientated. We watch them all together and often interject our complaints or concerns as we watch them.

One of my favorites is the Luck of the Irish staring Ryan Merriman. He has also starred in a few of my other favorites as well. Cute kid and a good young actor. Kyle Johnson, (Ryan Merriman) a popular basketball player in high school who has never known about his heritage, one dayrealizes that someone has stolen his lucky gold coin. Strange things start to happen to Kyle, his ears become pointed, his hair starts turning orange, and he starts to become shorter. Kyle then returns home one day to find that his mom has shrunk to six inches. The truth is then revealed to Kyle, Kyle's family is made up of Leprechauns. Kyle is only half leprechaun, since his dad is from Cleveland, Ohio.

We have spent many a Friday in anticipation of the next movie. I danced
around the room with Pooker while pregnant with Moogie watching Zenon. We have great family memories with these movies. Often is is pizza night/party
night. We start earlier in the day making sure the living room is clean. It
must be clean top to bottom so that we can move the furniture to dance,
scream, jump or whatever the movie might require. Boy we have so much fun
getting into it. Dad plays right along even though it isn't his favorite
type of movie. I have so enjoyed watching this silly tradition grow over the
years. We would never watch a movie unless everyone was home. With Pookers
active schedule we have had to record and postpone our fun. never for long.
Pooker has made sure that she is off of work in time. We have invited
friends over sometimes and other time it is just us.

I know this is silly but we really do love this family time. We have all been
overworked and stressed with our school loads lately. So this past Tuesday we
decided to have an impromptu showing of the new High School Musical. The first 2
we watched at home with pizza and friends. Pooker and Goobers saw number 3 in
the theaters last fall with each other and had a blast. The rest of us waited
until it came out on DVD. The big release was this past Tuesday 2-17. The
clothes were not finished but it didn't stop us.

We were too crunched for time to celebrate in our normal fashion. When Pooker got home from work we made tacos. We ate and cleaned up as fast as we could and then sat down to enjoy HSM3 as a family. I can not say that the movie was wonderful but the time together certainly was. I love my family and our silly traditions. I love that Pooker in college, Goober in High School, Bear and Sugar in Middle School, Moogie and Pickle in Grade school, Princess in Kindergarten, Bagel in pre-school and Jumba still running around as a baby all sat down together. They watched this movie as a family. Talked about it as a family. Danced as a family. And debated who was cuter Zac or Corbin?!?!

I love my family and I love that Disney (even with all of its many faults) has provided us with the opportunities to enjoy time with each other. I pray that you family has the same silly traditions that bring you close and help you bond. I know in my heart that this a taste of heaven. I doubt Disney will have movies showing there but that feeling of being united has got to be the main theme.

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  1. How wonderful! I'm right there with ya girl. Though ours does center around TV a little too much, we too have those shows/movies/times that brings us all together and everyone is just so full of joy.

    Monk and Psyche are our usual gathering, and we're so sad tonight is the last new episode until summer. It's definitely a "get some popcorn" kinda time for us.

    The other night we played Apples to Apples for about 3 hours. It was so much fun. Some of us are always playing a game, but this was a night when we were all playing.

    Boy, Jumba sure turned into a kid all of a sudden. He's so cute!


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