Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ted Drews VS Fritzs

This has been an ongoing issue with my husband and I since the very beginning. We have even moved 700 miles south of our homes in the St. Louis area to continue to battle. Fr. Tom and Nanny like to get in on the battle and stir things up when ever possible. The battle had reached it's end, I thought, when Fr. Tom came for a visit the summer before last. Packed with his belongings was a special package...Ted Drews packed in dry ice. Oh my goodness it was delicious. Those were the best concretes I have ever had. They were a taste of home!

This history of this battle begins with the areas of town that J and I grew up in. I grew up in Des Peres area of St. Louis, went to high school in the Kirkwood area and made many high school visits to the St. Louis land mark on the south side of town called Ted Drews. I spent the early college years meeting Fr. Tom and other friends at that world famous Chippewa location for some summer ice cream and conversation. It was a hang out of sorts. It was the place to go on the south side of town for many. The perfect treat after a Cardinals ball game, a way to unwind during finals, a safe place to take a date, something to share with mom, a place to be seen, and the BEST SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD! (I understand that it might seam unfair for me to say that right off the bat, but it is MY blog!!)

Now my husband had a completely different experience. He started life on the North side of town in St. Ann. Then when he was young and had only one sister the family established their roots in St. Charles. This town is just over the Missouri River from the North side of St. Louis. I don't know if it was out of envy or just a desire to not have to drive an hour to get good ice cream that a place called Fritz's came into the picture. I have never heard my husband talk about it holding memories for him growing up at all. Maybe he just feels sad that he didn't have that special place that served wonderful tasting treats but he now claims that Fritz's is far better than Ted Drews could ever hope to be.

Let the battle begin:

Ted Drews : History first one opened in 1929-OK not at Chippewa but still,
location the beautiful south side ,
Christmas trees in the off season.
. . . . . . oh and did I mention flavor!?!


Fritz's Frozen Custard: My husband can't remember going there when he was too young~so only a few memories,
the first one only opened in 1983-and that wasn't St. Charles,
location -close to home now, in St. Charles but not it is in the back part of a parking lot (not off Route 66),
they are closed in the off season,
no web-site,
the ice cream isn't bad, after you pour tons of chocolate sauce over the top (I will consent to that)

1) Pooker and B-Ball girl met some of Pooker's friends on Friday night (it was her birthday) at Fritz's. She would have loved the ice cream but it was chilly and no one wanted any. Instead they left and went to a party, never to try it that evening.

2) Fr. Tom, B-Ball girl, and Pooker took Fr. Tom's mom home after the party on the night of the First Communion and the Baptism. Pooker got the drive his car and then we met them after we cleaned up at Ted Drews. It was a little chilly but we all braved the weather to enjoy a taste of the good stuff. We gave Cowboy his first taste of this treat, took pictures and had an all around family celebration standing and waving at the traffic. I should point out that as we ordered the young lady was prepared, we had our concretes with in minutes and there were no major issues.

3) We had been to the zoo, had a wonderful BBQ meal prepared by gramps and Nanny wasn't willing to let the kiddos leave town without her favorite ice cream from the North side. She let Pooker, B-Ball girl, Goobers, and Bear, with Uncle Brent head to Fritz's with Pooker driving to get an order for our whole crowd. Quit a while after leaving the gang calls us to tell us that they were out of a few flavors. They finally arrived home and we all enjoyed a little more ice cream. Cowboy did like this stuff as well! I don't recall there being much left over but I do remember hearing that the guy taking the order about passed out at the number of people they were ordering for. Something about it being like a "tour bus" (Unlike the girl at Ted Drews that was very used to large crowds!)

In my heart I know that Ted Drews is the clear winner, J believes that Fritz's is the winner. We did take a vote on the way home. Not counting Cowboy's vote ~ he had both, like both and I am sure would love both again, we have no way of knowing that he truly liked Ted Drews more, so I will J continue to hold out hope in Fritz's. The rest were counted and Ted Drews wins 7 votes to 4. That is including B-Ball girl's vote! Did you read that J 7 for Ted Drews and only 4 for the other place.

~I'm just saying . . . 7-4, maybe you should let it die!

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