Monday, April 14, 2008

St. Louis Zoo 4-6-08

Last week we had a wonderful visit with family and friends in St. Louis. So many were able to come to share the time with us at the church. Some friends were not. We were blessed to have a day at the Zoo, the weather was wonderful, not too hot and not too cold. We had the best company. We got to spend time with KeeKee, Uncle Mike, Timmy, Emily, Uncle Joe, Fr. Tom, Aunt Nikki, Uncle Jim and their baby Aiden A.K.A.'Poopers'.
What a fun group. .

The special treat for us was when our Klemm cousins showed up. We had yet to see them that weekend It was so awesome that they joined us even though they only had an hour. We wish we had more time with them. My goodness we miss them. Our group of kiddos used to do everything together before we headed south!

To top it all off a friend from the early college years that I had not seen in 10 years joined us for the afternoon. Miss Connie and I worked in the daycare business together and it was so cool seeing her after so long. Her children are as cool as she is.

The zoo trip was wonderful. We started off at Turtle park,

then into the Zoo,

we saw the rhinos, elephants,

bugs, butterfly, bears and then we got to ride the train

(thanks to KeeKee and family, thank you bunches and bunches).

Pickle can not wait to go back. The older four would giggle as we would go around the corners and they would remember things, we used to spend so much time at the zoo. It was a favorite for our children, it is free and when you home school you can learn so much there. The younger five haven't spent that much time at the zoo. We try to visit zoo's when we are out and about and the only one that we really care for is the St. Louis Zoo. Check out Miss Connie's Blog for some more pictures.

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