Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baptism and First Holy Communion 4-12-08

One week ago tonight I was so blessed to attend Mass. To many it was simply the weekly celebration of the Eucharist that all Catholics attend, but for us is was special. We drove for 16 hours to attend this Mass. It was being celebrated by one of our dearest friends, Fr. Thomas Keller at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. It is always special to be at a Mass with so many of our loved ones around. Our family and friends filled many of the seats that afternoon.

The Texas Ts had the honor of sitting in the front row. The little kiddos loved the Mass. With the exception of Bagel. Once she got over the newness of knowing the priest she fell into a very restful sleep. It was so nice to have her Nanny there to hold her. Cowboy fell asleep as Mass ended. We were at peace for sure. This was a wonderful ceremony.

Our little Moogie was dressed in her beautiful dress and Cowboy was in a white baby outfit worn years before by his father, then by Bear, and then by Pickle. Moggie had the honor of having her First Reconciliation just before Mass. Her soul was clean and pure. She was beaming with joy. The excitement was so great as she followed along. When it was time for the faithful to proceed to the front to receive our Lord in the appearance of bread and wine she glided up, she was first in line.

Moogie grinned from ear to ear as Fr. Tom held our Lord in front of her stating,
"The Body of Christ!"

She could be heard claiming her believe as she answered with her,

The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Saviour became one with Moogie as was her parents, siblings, grand parents, family and friends wiped away tears of joy. There was not a camera to catch that moment. We didn't need one. We will remember seeing that joy as her eyes sparkled for a long time.

As Mass ended Moggie was greeted by family and strangers all sharing their greeting of congratulations to her. Many of these family members had altered their plans for the weekend to join us for just that hour. Our celebration of the sacraments was not yet over. After the church cleared, our guests made their way to the Baptismal font in that beautiful building. Pickle and Bear were given special rolls as Fr. Tom's helpers for the baptism of our little one. Cowboy was finally to be baptised and we enjoyed each minute.

Cowboy's Godmother, Aunt Michelle, stood close by as well as Gramps (the Godfather is Dad's friend from Chicago~Chuck. He couldn't be there, so Gramps stood in for him.) We took in this moment as much as we could. We were surrounded by our family and friends. Many could not be there in person but were there in prayer.
We joyously welcomed our little man unto our Christian faith as a member of the Catholic Church. That moment of baptism that we share with most Christians. It unites us through time into God's family. We made a promise as Cowboy's parents to do our best to teach him the way to heaven. J and I are always so moved by the words of a baptism. We have a healthy respect for those words we promise and it truly is an honor to guide each of our children to their heavenly Father.

Cowboy was very curious the entire time. The water really woke him up. After he figured our that it was a small pool he wanted to play. What a cutie! The siblings all watched on and shared in the joy. Watching you children receive the sacraments really is a taste of heaven!
What a wonderful day! Thank you so much!

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