Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What was your favorite part?

So many wonderful memories: Thank you God for our safe travel, time with family and friends, fun together, the celebration of so many sacraments, and our safe return home. We also ask "Our Lady of the Highway" to pray for our protection. She never fails.

We could never sum up our fun times in a few words. We could never count all the hugs, tears and laughs that we enjoyed. We will never see it all, visit with everyone, get it all done, see everything we miss, taste every food we can't get anymore, hug Mimi, Nanny & Gramps enough. We can never forget all the people we want to see and spend time with. I always have a running list of all those that I missed. My heart breaks at time for the lost moments. Yet God was so good to us with the good weather, healthy families, and everything. Thanks to all of you that made this trip one of the best!

We did all pick a favorite memory. Remember we could never list them all so these are just a few:
Me: the Sacraments, and then seeing Miss Connie and her kiddos
J: the sacraments, and getting back to Texas
Pooker: the 2 times she got to drive. 1) w/Fr.Tom and B-Ball girl 2) w/Uncle Brent, B-Ball girl, Goobers and Bear
B-Ball Girl: Riding to get Fritz's with Pooker and Uncle Brent (that is when she laughed the most)
Goobers: at the river front of the Arch and they threw logs into the water #2ice cream with Uncle Brent
Bear: St Louis Arch
Sugar: Showing Aunt Julie what to do with a Webkinz
Moogie: receiving the body and blood of Christ
Pickle: going to the Zoo with Fr. Tom and Uncle Joe
Princess: watching Moogie receive communion
Bagel: the white bear at the zoo
and Cowboy: I would guess that it is being officially welcomed into the Christian family through baptism, J guesses that it would be eating ice cream from Fritz's (Give it up J - we all know that Ted Drews wins and we even have picture proof that he loved it!)

Honestly it was all good, even the delicious pizza and wing dinner we ate on the road, coming home. These crazy 10 children were fantastic. So from mom and dad we say.
"Thank you guys, I love each of you bunches and bunches and there is never anything you could ever do to make us not love you! That goes for B-Ball Girl also!"


  1. Oh I love the pile of crocs (or knock-offs if you're like us). Ours would be a sea of black. (I know, boring!) A few of us have some different colors, tan and red.

    It looks like y'all had a great time!

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