Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Arch Visit 4-4

You can't go to St. Louis and not visit the Arch. We had B-Ball girl with us and so we tried to plan this adventure. The sad thing that we discovered is that so many of the Texas Ts were babies when we left for Texas that they don't remember the Arch. We will not have that! I have always loved my visits to the Arch. I find that I am filled with pride of my St. Louis heritage every time I am along the St. Louis riverfront to the Mississippi. I think of all of the History that is associated with the St. Louis river front. It is always cool to explain that to the next child.
Why an Arch?

I smiled as I heard Dad answer,
"People had to travel through St. Louis to get to the west. It was the only city along the Riverfront that offered the trade and supply of goods that people would need for their journey to the west. When you look at the Arch look at it like it is a Gate entrance. As people from the east look at the Arch they can see the West.
St. Louis is the Gateway to the west! "

Maybe you had to grow up there, and maybe you have to love history as much as I do, but I got a tear in my eye as I listened to my husband say those words that I had heard my parents, teachers and tour guides say many times before. Find some interesting Arch facts here.

We also loved the Riverfront. It was a cooler day, I think it was only in the 50s. It was rainy and yucky but we still made the most of it. We park down by the water. There were not many spots because the water is very high. We talked about Tom Sawyer and the great Mississippi as the kiddos and their daddy threw logs back into the water.

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