Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Friday, 4-4 Pooker's b-day, Big lunch & Dinner

We traveled all day on Thursday and were thrilled to arrive and be greated first by Mimi and then by Nanny and Gramps. We were able to stay at Nanny and Gramps'house. (Thanks for always being so generous with us!) After a well needed good nights sleep we were ready for Friday and all that we could sqeeze into the day. It was a Special day because is was Pooker's 17th birthday. Many of our own family traditions will need to wait until we are back at home but we still had fun. It was very cool that her best friend B-Ball Girl was with us. She also got to have lunch at an Old Country Buffet, now known as The Hometown Buffet.
This is another place we used to visit before our move so far south. We then had an ARCH adventure and then met up with Nanny and Gramps with Uncle Ross for a wonderful dinner.

After that Pooker and B-Ball Girl met up with some friends of Pookers at a local ice cream place. They didn't get ice cream because it was coldcold and rainy but it was still a fun time.

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