Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Moogie

Today is Moogie's (4-2) 9Th birthday. I was determined to let this day pass quietly but her siblings were not so inclined. Even though we will spend the day packing the car for a long trip, cleaning the house we leave behind, preparing the pets, and making sure we are prepared several of them stayed up late to decorate. Moogie's birthday is a big deal around here. (They all are.) Pickle was the one that was the most insistent last night. We had to wake him so he could help. Moogie fights with her brothers constantly. She can often be heard in an argument with Pickle or Bear. The adore her though. They were the ones that did most of the late night decorations. Goobers got up early to make Cinnamon buns and Sugar helped late last night and early this morning. I guess that just goes to prove that no matter how busy we are in our lives Moogie is very important to us! We love you girl, happy b-day!

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