Monday, December 31, 2007

"So Make It a Good One!"

We ended the year and welcomed the new in the best way possible. We had a private party at our home. This party was so private that you had live here to be invited. We still had a pretty big turn out with only one guest leaving before midnight.

We had pizza and soda as we watched the Back to the Future Trilogy. Those movies are so much fun when they are all watched together. Aside from being incredibly tired when they finally ended, I loved it. I like how the movies present the concept of time passing and of how little actions can effect our future and those we love.

The third movie ends with the Doc explaining to Jennifer why the words had erased from her paper (from the future.) The response was very appropriate to remember in the passing of one year to the next.

"Your future hasn't been written yet.
Your future can be anything you make it.
So make it a good one!"
Doc, Back to the Future III

We toast to you and to your happiness. May God bless you in 2008! Remember it is what you make it so make it a good one!

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