Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures from the past few days

Cowboy A.K.A 'Super Baby' is flying around with the assistance of Bear.

Pooker enjoying life before her game with her entire team. They are a fun group of girls. Their Coach (Dad) is loving the time getting to know Pooker's friends. He loves that they don't tease him for coaching from the ground. (If confused see the post titled "No, that is how he coaches")

Goobers and her friend holding back tears of frustration after a painful loss. The match ended with a very close game.

Sugar with most of her team at their last game of the season.

Moogie letting Pickle get a shot of the future volleyball star.

Pickle looking too cute and wishing that the game was over. He would really rather be at home playing than out watching his sisters play, again!

Princess and Bagel doing anything and everything but watching the game. The picture was taken by Moogie.

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