Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A free moment

My dear husband took most of the kiddos out for a few minutes this evening. I sat down to the computer to start the to do list that is a mile long and stopped to take a second to reflect on the quiet. Pooker is here in the other room doing school work and also enjoying the peace in the house. She has Cowboy with her and I know he is loving having a few moments that do not involve the forced kisses from Princess and Bagel, or the fights over who gets to hold him between Bear, Sugar and Moogie. Ah the peace.

I do want to share a quote with you from our high school religion class. C-cubed is the group's name. It stands for Catholic Coffee Club, because we meet at the coffee house to discuss our Catholic faith. Today's class was another wonderful meeting with a great group of teens. The other mother and I learn more from the teens that they could ever learn from us. One of today's topics was on St. Benedict's Rule and the life and purpose of the monks of 6Th century. Thanks to Mrs. Z for pointing out how wonderful the Rule really is. I found inspiration from a passage in our book: The Didache Series, The History of the Church.

"St. Benedict intended that the monastery would be a family and a
self-sustaining community. Different monks had different tasks and
functions, which were organized and distributed in such a way as to ensure
self-sufficiency. not all monks were literate or expected to study
theology diligently; not all monks were expected to work int he garden; not
all monks were expected to be able to rebuild damaged monastery walls.
Working together for the good of the whole and the glory of God, the
monastery was a place where the noble man and commoner labored, each in
his own separate way, but always for the common good.

....Work was given special meaning by the monks, it it became for
them a form of prayer and penance offered for the praise and glory of

What a beautiful statement of how a family should really be! We are here to love and serve God with the abilities that He gave us. It doesn't help to make people act like everyone else. It is most important to recognize the common good without overlooking the beauty of the individual. That is the goal for this family.

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