Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

The past few days have been full of life, love and family. (Oh and raking needles that never seam to go away!) Pooker was gone this past weekend on a retreat. It really did seam to offer her the peace in Christ that we are all looking for. She is much more relaxed and happy. I am very happy to have my joyful daughter back. Inner peace does not change what we must do in the real world though. She is back and we are all running.

The rest of the Family spent the weekend trying to gather up as many needles from the lawn as we could. We did not have much luck. The needles are so much like our laundry. As soon as we think that we might be about to catch up someone cleans their room and the pile is out of control again. In the case of the needles there is a small storm and the ground is covered yet again.

Monday the weather changed about five times. It was cool, then sun came up and it was hot, then it became extremely muggy making the hot air feel worse, and then it was overcast but still muggy and hot. We were all relieved when it started to rain, until the wind blew. It was now cool and rainy. I changed a few times, one due to a baby spit up but most changes were due to the weather. In my confusion I left my flip flop Crocs on and headed off with the Cowboy to watch Goobers play volleyball. The good news is that the Eagles won!! The bad news is I fell in a muddy downpour and the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned, died. In my graceful fall the thong part of the Croc broke! (Secretly I cried. If you have ever owned a Croc you know my pain, if not you just can not relate!)

Cowboy and Bagel also went to see the doctor for their check ups. Cowboy is up to 10 lbs and 4 oz, and is growing as expected. (Thank you God.) Bagel is as healthy as can be. Then the shots came!! We had dad go with us to this appointment. If there is a problem it is just easier to have dad's help. (The one time he didn't join us we ended up in open heart surgery with Moogie - but that is another story for another day.) When it came time for shots Bagel needed three, Cowboy needed three and Dad needed just one - the flu shot! The nurse thought that it would be best to let Dad go first. She was wrong. He demanded stickers for his pain. Bagel and Cowboy were real champs. Bagel was scared but extremely brave. Our family rule is that you get McDonalds if you get shots. Bagel enjoyed rubbing that in the rest of the day. She would show everyone the treat from her happy meal. So we went to bed last night with shouts of "I get to go next! Make my appointment for tomorrow please? How soon can I go to the doctor?" It is just too bad that dad can't be bought off so easily by McDonalds.

Yesterday was one of our last crazy volleyball days of the season. We had three games across town and they all needed to be back on this side of town for EDGE. As luck would have it two games were in a place known as 'the Cage' and it was very close to the school where Sugar played. After Sugar's team won in two games we headed over to watch Pooker and Goobers play. What a fun and exciting day! I need to go nap again, though! I love our lives. We are very busy but the kiddos are happy! As crazy as the past few days have been we can all see God's hand with us. We have good friends, good programs for the kids to be involved in and happy children. What a blessing!

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