Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall, a season without color

I have always loved the fall. This is my favorite season. At least it was when I was far enough north that the leaves would change color and the temperature would drop. It really isn't the same in Houston.

Fall is here! At least that is what my kiddos are saying. I think they have been deprived. The temperature was (only) 88 degrees yesterday. We were missing the humidity so if felt cooler. They call that fall. In my memory Fall doesn't include using the air conditioner. Notice in the pictures that we are not wearing jackets or even pants. We had to stop raking because of the heat.

My grandfather used to say that the beautiful leaves had been painted by God as a gift. It was His way of showing how much he loves you. Let me just say that I feel a tad unloved by God down here in Houston. I have added pictures that show what falls here. Pine needles, they are everywhere and ugly. You can not jump into them when you rake either.

I am hoping that God still loves all my friends up north and that you all can enjoy crisp mornings with color all around. Say a prayer for me next time you see a beautiful tree. (I will be here wallowing in self pity and pine needles.


  1. I love Fall too. Oh how I miss the feel of the crisp morning nip to my face and how the air smells fresh and renewed.

    Driving from block to block and gasping in delight- to find the truest reds, deepest oranges and brightest yellows one can ever imaine.

    Oh how I miss Fall.

  2. Ok Shannon, fix my spelling, will ya, while I grab some more coffee.

  3. Boy, you have been a busy new blogger, haven't you??!!!

    I really need to check in on you more often.

    Fall doesn't see the beautiful colors like New England or the north does, but the colors in Houston are represented by the people we meet and the beauty in each one...


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