Thursday, October 11, 2007

Warning! Girl Talk

Nine babies and I have my first breast infection. I have heard you ladies speak about the pain, but I had no idea. One mother once told me that it felt like a million tiny knives were being jabbed at the nipple as the baby would eat. OMG that is exactly what it feels like. This isn't a pleasant topic so I won't stay on it very long. I just want to apologize to all the woman that I dismissed because I thought they must be exaggerating.

I was blessed that at the the same time I started to feel discomfort I was meeting with some friends. Each one of them stressed to me the importance of getting to the doctor right away. I have been told that this discomfort is nothing as compared to when the infection enters the body and you feel like you have the flu ten times over after being run over by a truck. The doctor affirmed every description my friends had shared and got my on antibiotics right away. The good news is I am fine, still a tad sore but no other symptoms.

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