Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Fun

This year when Mr Tobias offered to grill steaks as our Christmas Eve meal the kids were all over it.  Our usual tradition is to have Hor Deurves but who can pass up a Mr. Tobias Steak.  Mr. T did not disappoint.  Dinner was delicious.

Back when we thought we were having our simple junk food meal I heard the older kids 'complain' that I no longer made penguins.  The little ones were confused about what "making penguins" actually meant or why anyone would like it.  I mad this when we were in St. Louis because my husbands family really liked Olives so it was a fun cute way to put olives on a Christmas spread.  We moved and left family behind so I stopped making it.  I had no idea that the kids even remembered them much less wanted them. I mad sure that this year we had a little attempt at the little guys.
 (This year it did not turn out beautiful like some of my previous attempts but the kids knew what we were doing.)
  It meant a lot to me that it made my kids happy!  Simple little things are what this is all about!

One awesome Twin moment brought to you by Christmas. Twin Adorable and Twin Beautiful are at the perfect age for Christmas. They are so happy about gifts. They would jump up and down while the other was opening a gift. Pure joy was on their faces. One gift they received from the Tobias family showed how this twin thing can work. Twin Adorable opened a Sophia the First doll while Twin Beautiful opened an Amber doll (Sophia's step sister). The twins absolutely love Sophia, so these were prefect gifts. They were grinning from ear to ear as they opened these gifts, then they paused and looked at each other. Twin Beautiful started a sentence, "Oh no, I am supposed to be Sophia and you are always Amber, the presents are mixed up." Twin Adorable didn't even pause, "It is ok Gop-Ka watch, we can trade!" With in a heartbeat they had made each other happy again. I wish I wish I had a twin, especially one like Gop-Ka or Ga-Ko. They take constant care of each other. I am loving watching this new aspect of parenting.

Oh no, who thought that would be funny.  Someone gave Bear another "Jack" puppet.  UGH that thing is annoying.  He is happy!

 The winning gift of the night was given to Bagel from the clan.  They "found her appendix" and gave it back to her.

 Santa gifts are always a bust in comparison to the creative and fun sibling gifts.  They do such fabulous job making each other happy.  As parents it really is one of the coolest things to see.      

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