Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Other Shots

All the other shots to get the Formal ones.  The girls work hard to get everything in order so that after Mass we can take those beloved pictures.  I used to beg for it and now they all enjoy them.  Goobers actually likes to be the one that gets the pictures to our friends and extended family.  It is our sincere prayer that you all enjoy your family time as much as we do.  These pictures represent the fun we have in getting our formal Merry Christmas Family picture out there.   

 We started out after Mass trying to get our first pictures.
Goobers posted this later:
"Hey Becki can you take a picture of our family on my phone" and this is what I get!
We did ask the Tobias's to grab some of us and we grabbed some of them.  We have spent enough Christmas Eve's together that they know our drill.

Everyone look here, oh no where is the other twin?  She is there just hiding . . .

Now for the Tobias family picture time.

We then head home, luckily everyone knows not to change because mom will want more pictures.  It is kind of like that book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..."  Well if you all dress nicely and promise mom you will smile for one picture . . . she is going to try to take a million pictures.  But hey we all looked good.
I must point out that this year I did not feel well at all.  Allergies (and I later found out a massive sinus infection on both sides) kept me very run down. It took all my energy to do the normal mom things of Christmas.  With a family this size that would include lots of shopping for gifts and foods and stuff like that.  I warned the kiddos ahead of time that I had no intention of making everyone match this year.  The kids were welcome to wear what ever they wanted.  The older girls all went shopping and developed an idea and ran with it.  They bought themselves and each other their outfits/dresses and new slacks.  J and I were presented with the color and asked to please pick up and pay for the ties.  They even had them already picked out and setting aside for us.  While at the store I found matching top and there ya go.  This years color/matching outfits brought to you by the T family  kiddos.

The girls took many great pictures of the older girls and then all the girls.  At one point Possible says, "Now get one for Nanny!"  This is the pose the produced.  Apparently J's mom hates the open mouthed picture and teasing the girls on Facebook so they made sure they had a perfect shot to make her "happy".  I guess she is happy that at least they remember her!

Yep, this is the crazy behind the beautiful.  I love all these people with my whole heart.  I am so thankful that the Tobias family make us a part of their Christmas Eve traditions as well.  These pictures tell a story about a family that cares and loves each other very much.  No matter the obstacle  they work together to overcome so that they can enjoy time together.  They don't understand that cliche Christmas complaint about "having to spend time with family!"  They live for it.  They work for it and then when it comes they make the most of it!  That is a legacy to make any parent proud.

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