Wednesday, November 2, 2016

End Of The World? No really the Cubs just won the world series!

We really couldn't mention it much until now but the Cubs had a great year.  It came down to the last game of the world series.  The Cubs can't win, they just can't.  I am not sure what will happen in the world if they do win. J is too nervous about this one.  He can't step back from the TV.  

At one point there was a rain delay.  Some of us prepared for bed.

Then back to watching it.

No one can believe it.  Way to Go Cubs!  It is such a weird feeling.  We are not even sure how to feel.   J has waited his life to see this and now is losing that he is airing the moment with his kiddos.  We miss Bear at school and Goobers is at work.  We quickly make plans to visit her and Bear has been on Skype with us most of the night.  
Hang that "W"!  Wahoo!

Oh my gosh time to hang the "W" and not take it down until Spring Training.  This is a new feeling.
The party doesn't feel complete without Goobers here so we are off to see her at her store.  She is locked in to decorate for Christmas.We pack up some sparkling juice and head off.

In the end we couldn't get to her.  She was inside the doors but could not get the key to open them.  So no celebration other than high fives through the glass.  

In a way we were all together here to celebrate the Cub's win.
Go Cubs Go!

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