Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sugar Gets a Birthday at the Beach

Sugar's birthday is today.  This young woman always makes sure that everyone else has a great birthday.  Her siblings had plans to do the same for her.  She didn't know it was coming.  .  .  The day started in the most perfect way for Sugar, Bear called her.  Being only 11 months apart they are super close.  Now that Sugar is 20 and Bear will be until the end of the month I will refer to them as the big twins.  Sugar was so happy to talk to her irish-twin.

Today is the birthday of a very special young woman. Way back when our family was average sized I was at the hospital with one of the kiddos when my OB saw me and asked when I was due and why I switched doctors? I was extremely confused considering my baby BEAR was at home and only 8 months old. GOOBERS was about to turn 2 and POOKER was 5, I couldn't be having another baby . . . could I? When I finally saw my OB officially he thought I was about 3 months along, we scheduled an ultrasound for the next month. The month went by and my belly grew. We were all shocked to learn that Sugar would arrive within 2 more months. (FASTEST pregnancy - making Sugar one of my favorites.) This beautiful person came just 11 months after her big brother - making them my first set of twins (If you count Irish twins!) 

From the beginning SUGAR brought joy to our family. She has a smile that never ends and a heart of gold. I love that she will go way out of her way to help anyone she knows. If you are loved by SUGAR consider yourself to be truly blessed beyond words. I can see that her faith is her foundation. With her siblings and friends she will conquer the world. I can't wait to live in her world either, it will be bright, cheery, (maybe a little too orange), and full of love
Happy 20th birthday to one of the most beautiful people I know!

Here's Sugar's post! Happy Birthday to my sweet sister! She's 20 years old and has the world at her finger tips. She's gorgeous, hilarious, smart and has an understanding of the world and people that most people don't realize they can have. She's aware of those around her and gives everything she can to those she loves. Sugar works hard and plays hard. She knows how to have fun and I'm so thankful she's in my life. She overcomes challenges like a champ, and never lets issues like silly life threatening allergies stop her. Happy 20th, Sexy Sexer bean! I hope you have a fantastic year and continue to learn more about this world and what God is asking from you. Thanks for always spoiling us and reminding us to enjoy life as we go!

Today is Sugar's day of Birth! Today we celebrate someone who should be celebrated everyday, sugar takes care of every single person she meets and goes way out of her way to do it! So if you ever need anyone to look up to or want a role model for anything Sugar is the Person you want to be! Happy Birthday! To the birthday queen! Love you lots! Thanks for always taking care of everything!! Your the best!

So today is my best friends birthday.  This girl has always been there for me and I know she always will. Happy birthday Sugar.  You are a kind, beautiful, and awesome person. I want to be like you every day! Happy birthday Sugar I love you!!!!

Today is Sugar's birthday. So happy birthday. Thanks for always setting the best example and for being one of the best people to look up to. Happy birthday Sugar I love you!

(We also finally got around to singing Happy Birthday to Princess and taking a family shot!) 

Sugar has had her birthday, meaning for the next 27 days she and Bear are the same age.  My first set of twins, my Irish twins. Sugar is missing her big brother more than anyone else.  She especially missing the fact that she usually spends the month of September teasing him about being her twin, he isn't here to be teased.

At the end of it all Sugar posted this on her Facebook:
So If you really know me, you know my favorite place ever is the beach!! I love just about ever thing about it!!! Our family never really went that much, but when we did I loved it, playing in the water, swimming, building sand castles, finding seashells, and just hanging out with my family! Now a days the beach would most likely kill me.🙃 Over the past few years my allergy has gotten a little more severe😉! So it's been about 5 or 6 years since I've been to the beach! Last night I came home from studying with Possible and there was a beach in our back yard!!!!! We had playing in the water, swimming, building sand castles, finding seashells, and just hanging out with my family!!! They also projected teen beach movie on the side of the house!! Best birthday yet!!!!! 

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