Saturday, July 23, 2016

Goobers Car Is Totaled

We got the call that all parents dread.  Goobers, "Dad I am ok, but I think the car is totaled."  My J loves his kids and when he hears a thing of fear in their voice he moves incredibly fast.  We arrived at the scene almost as fast as the firetruck.  Goobers had done everything correct but was still ran into an older driver that rolled out into traffic.  This happened on the eve of her birthday.  Not exactly how one wants to spend their big day but the great news is that everyone was ok.  Only the car was damaged. 

The accident happened infant of Possibles HEB.  Goobers was still wearing her uniform as she had just left her own HEB.  She was wearing a manager shirt and the cart crew was a little confused. They didn't know her, yet she was in uniform.  They hurried and got help.  It really was a blessing that the

Goobers we are so glad that you were not injured.  Now what to do about a car, you have classes starting up in a month . . .

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