Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Filling The Fish Tank

In St. Louis Uncle Brent gave Bear his old fish tank.  Bear has been wanting it for a long time.  It is 55 gallon and so this last trip we were able to bring it back in the trailer.  Bear set it up and left it empty for about a month.  He gave J a list of items that were needed to make it safe for fish.  I can't help but thinking how much Bear's new toy is costing mom and dad but we all enjoyed the sound of the water in the living room.  

The twins decided to put a fish in the tank, to bad it was a stuffed animal.

OK, lets try behind the tank.  At least this gave the tank some color.
Notice how sad and empty the tank looks just sitting there behind the couch.
So once we could get everyone together we stuffed ourselves into the van and headed out to find some fish.

This was a crazy family adventure.

This is one of those times that I love being a mom to many.  We stood out at Petco but even the employee was having fun with us.

Everyone got to pick out their own fish.  This is hard.  We needed the fish to all be able to swim together in one tank.

We also needed more plants and decorations.  We had added the rocks and heater the week before.

We ended up getting a medium size castle and then a smaller one that would represent the apartment.

I just love watching all these guys share their fun with each other.

We all got a fish and gave them names.  

So much chaos but so much fun.
Pooker and Goobers introduced Taco and Bella to their small castle.

It cracks me up how this family comes together even over fish for the tank.

I also love how all of the ideas came together to produce a pretty environment.

I don't know if the fish know what they are in for joining this family.

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